SIPSNITYA – Why it will be more acceptable for institutions

We are attempting a new era for educational institutions to ensure their online presence more handsomely. SIPSNITYA packaging many online services for the educational institutions majorly

  • As an easy maintainable Institutional online presence (Website)
  • Handsome Educational ERP with necessary Analytical Tools
  • Powerful Bulk Alert System – Both SMS & VOICE
  • Online payments & M Receipts
  • Effective Parent communication channel– Portal available to the respective parent even in their regional Languages, Over SMS, VOICE CALL Even over Web-based Parent Portal along with English.
  • Customizable notification messages / Customizable portal contents – Need not to depend on any specialists for the same an average school teacher would be able to do.
  • Community delivery & enhancement channel – Online services will get enabled and implemented on the move, Software to the institution at no extra cost – handsome service enhancement channel by providing minimum one update in a fortnight frequency.
  • Many more to continue the list – But these are the few points to ensure we stand against the competition, mainly the above services are available to the institution across 3 to 4 different products/ services – which we confidently break with SIPSNITYA – visibly saving approx. 60 to 80% Cost reduction on the implementation itself.