Audit Trail enabled

As per the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, all companies and organizations are suggested to use accounting software with an audit trail, to track and find all transactions and modifications, etc. 
SIPSNITYA provides audit trails and tracks of each and every action. Since humans handle the software there are chances of errors and mistakes, finding and understanding what went wrong will help us to save many productive working hours. and automatically enforce the account of ownership, SIPSNITYA complies with this.

Supporting Your Success

There are many unique modules like Facility monitoring and management, innovative transport management and tracking - app-based GPS tracking, visitor appointments, and managements, emergency student gate pass, master data forms easy customizations, data sanitation and validations, quick label changes, choosable master fields, online grievance management module, Tally integration, Library bar code, and related device integrations, institutional deposit accounts managements, staff leave management and many more to list it here. 40 Plus major modules and 100 plus subprocesses. Just opt for a demo to learn about it in detail.