Complete Online Platform

SIPSNITYA  РPackaged to ensure the complete online presence for the institution, Need not to look for different options for a website, communication & institutional management, our service will help you in achieving the same without many struggles, We are attempting to simplify different online IT Services for education institutions by combining & packaging in a single one. See the below and be relaxed with your concerns

  • Its very simple – any¬†ordinary teacher should be able to manage and maintain the same
  • Cost-effective Can obtain many services at the cost of single service – even very attractive payment terms
  • No Strings Attached – All Common Services are unlimited to ensure the maximum usability
  • Regional Languages enabled to address the need of rural India
  • Innovations unlimited – Always improving delivery excellence to stick you forever and automate your Academic Quality improvements


Just have a snap of indicative front page of the portal – which will be hosted securely in our private cloud and enabled, all the kind of contents can be accommodated along with Social Links, Pictures, Videos, etc. Need not to depend on any service provider to get it uploaded and published. Read more about another feature and learn what portal can offer to empower the educational institutions in another post.