Our Story

We are best known with our brand SIPSNITYA, We started solving operational management puzzles together with academicians from 2014 through various engagements and researches. SIPSNITYA evolved in 2016 (which is already found 100 plus revisions across 2 major versions by 2018 October) A complete Academic management service offered as Software as a Service (SaaS). very lightweight (both Technically as well commercially) and easy adoptable service for educational institutions specially for Schools and colleges.
We started our pilot marketing activities in the neighboring district Kodagu (Madikeri) which reciprocated our efforts with good adoptions, now majority of schools in the region use SIPSNITYA for their daily academic tasks, like Attendance, class diary, fee collections, alerts, notifications, bulk communications etc. along with routine tasks like exam management, time table management circulations, mark & grade processing result publishing, handling parents queries, automations, digital management of assignements projects etc. to highlight few very widely used features of SIPSNITYA.

Recognition by The CEO Magazine
2017 – 18 was better for us got wide recognition across our working area, We could engage with more institutions in South India expanded operations to few more states. Experienced more challenges – solution to it not only helped to find better smiles on our customers but also revolved SIPSNITYA better, in 2018 Version 2 is released along with more accessibility options such as Web-Apps, exclusive module specific android APPs etc (Like Teachers, Parents, management etc).
SIPSNITYA may be the 1st Educational ERP introduced tools to utilize the Artificial intelligence with its key modules to simplify the was user interact as well add more convenience. We added many more features with SIPSNITYA now without adding any cost – one Cloud Subscription will make eligible the entire institutional community & stake holders to get connected always from different devices, places etc 24/7. We are very happy to assist the country to bringing up the new generation by encouraging the Learning experience by empowering educators and engaging parents.

The best part of SIPSNITYA is the availability of new features and customization at no extra cost. Every fortnight minimum one revision is what all our customers experienced so far.

Since we operate from Cloud upgrades and revision roll outs happens very quickly without consuming any downtime. It is always improving and we are always up to date with latest technologies. the latest service improvement details as follows

We are now looking for a wide expansion across the country getting very good responses, getting ready to serve the entire country for the next academic year. thanks to all the partners and academicians who consistently encourage us. Follow us to chase our dreams, support us with your feedback & suggestions.
Our latest campaign as follows to assist the expansion – if possible spread the message through your friends & families, which can help in establishing an everlasting win-win relation.
Just to portrait on how is our work, Please find a testimony about SIPSNITYA as below. Learn from our customer how SIPSNITYA is impacted.

Thank you for reading us, keep visiting us here – there will be frequent updates about our journey.