Adv. Kiran Kumar S C’s Insight on Educational Challenges in Rural India | GRAMABHARATHI HPS K R PET

🌍 Join us in a thought-provoking conversation with Adv. Kiran Kumar S C, the visionary behind SSKC & Grambhrathi Educational Society, as he sheds light on the pressing issues faced by rural schools like GRAMABHARATHI HPS K R PET in Krishnarajapet, Mandya. 🎓 In this insightful discussion, Adv. Kiran Kumar addresses the challenges posed by the proliferation of New Age Integrated Pre-University Colleges in nearby cities. These institutions, focused on intensive exam preparation, are mushrooming rapidly, attracting students with dreams of professional success. However, the unintended consequence is a drain of quality teachers from rural schools, as they are lured by higher salaries in urban centers. 🏫 GRAMABHARATHI HPS K R PET, deeply rooted in its commitment to rural education, operates with minimal fees, making it difficult to compete with the financial allure of urban institutions. This struggle has led to a gap in providing coaching and facilities to bright and capable students who cannot afford the cost of education in these new-age colleges. 🤝 Adv. Kiran Kumar emphasizes the importance of retaining a focus on value education over the factory-like approach of some urban institutions. He raises concerns about the potential discrimination emerging due to financial constraints, where talented students from economically weaker backgrounds may find themselves sidelined in the pursuit of academic excellence. 🧠 Furthermore, Adv. Kiran Kumar shares his perspective on how Artificial Intelligence can play a pivotal role in establishing global standards in rural schools. He believes that leveraging technology can bridge the gap and provide quality education to students in rural areas, ensuring they not only excel academically but also develop socially. 🌟 Join us in understanding the challenges, opportunities, and the path forward for rural education in India. Like, share, and subscribe to stay tuned for more engaging conversations! #RuralEducation#EducationalChallenges#AIinEducation#ValueEducation#GRAMABHARATHIHPSKRPET#KiranKumarSC#sipsnitya#GlobalStandardsInRuralSchools SIPSNITYA