🚀 SIPSNITYA V4 Demo Hackathon: Unleash The Innovation!

Welcome to the SIPSNITYA V4 Demo Hackathon, where creativity, coding, and innovation converge! 🌐✨ The SIPSNITYA V4 Demo Hackathon is not your ordinary competition—it’s a celebration of innovation and talent. Teams will have the opportunity to showcase their skills by presenting impressive demonstrations of SIPSNITYA V4, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Today, we have shortlisted a group of champions who will be competing for a spot in the finals. Out of these talented individuals, three will move on to the next level starting tomorrow. Names Left to Right – Rasmitha Saneesh, Shruthi Ramesh, Kaveramma B B, Rajath N R, Musskan Bhanu.