SIPSNITYA – Programmatically Hide Inactive Students from master database

This will be very useful for us when our database grows and we have many inactive data in the master list, we need not deal with that on a daily basis but we need those data, It may be only active student information or any way we define it. Understanding data structure basically fields etc is very much required, also little knowledge of SQL queries will be an added advantage.

Let us see it in action now, login and check the existing student master, this master contains all the records now, there are passed out student information too are available, Navigate to the Platform-tools module, under master maintenance we have master display, please open the same, click on inline add to add a query, we can see all the supported masters here, let us choose student master now, I want to get only active student information so I am just writing this query.
Let us now go back to the master module and student master, see now only active student information only available, we can do multiple field queries let us see how to do that, for example, I want the display of all active male students let me add that part to my query I will add and gender is equal to male.
Now we can witness only active male students in the database. I can change it to active female students too simply altering the query.
We can do many such filtering with all master data, just select the master and write your query.
If you want the filters to be removed just delete it, and the master data will get resumed with all the information. Please try yourself and experience.
Thank you for watching the tutorial. Please contact our support channel for any assistance.