Bulk photo upload over Student Master SIPSNITYA

Let us explore the bulk photo upload over SIPSNITYA, The usage cases are as follows, This feature is very helpful during data migration from another package to SIPSNITYA, also usually institutions will take student photographs with a professional photographer’s assistance for the identity card, which they provide an adequately cropped and optimized size photo images with proper student registration number as file name, etc. in such cases too this will be very helpful, sometimes parents connect the photographs via the app, in that case, school officials will verify and do the necessary modification in bulk, in that case also this interface helps us.

The following prerequisites are required for the process, basically, we need these photographs files to be¬†available to access over the internet, this can be achieved with the help of an FTP upload to the institution’s website or over any file cloud service, etc. File names are to be easily identifiable and mappable to the student registration number, For any assistance, you can contact our service channel they will be happy to assist you.

Let me now demonstrate this, first check the photos are publically accessible, copy the URL and log into SIPSNITYA and provide it over portal configuration need the URL of the folder where the photos are stored. Now you can just navigate to the academic module and open the bulk photo upload, all active student lists will appear here we can search if needed. Use the export feature to export the data for preparing photo image file import in bulk. the exported file can be modified with the file name, here I saved file names as student registration numbers wise so let me make it now, once the file names are done, Now will copy this data and import, this updated CAM ID column with file names. After this, if we select the respective records and save them, upon saving this fetches the respective images from the defined URL and imports them to the database. Kindly keep the image size in kilobytes to ensure this process happens fast, also if we import big files the overall student master performance will be slow during the access. Thank you for your time today, please contact our support channel for any assistance.