Mr. Raveendra – Gautham School Hanur

SIPSNITYA is associating with Gautham School Hanur since 2015, Mr. Raveendra sir was very much interested during our initial interactions and a good visionary to adopt anything and everything for improving the quality of education at his school

 Hanur the town of hills, situated in Karnataka Tamilnadu border It is rich with natural resources like granite, agricultural products which include sugar cane, jowar, and coconut. The place is surrounded by hills and is located at the heart of the terrain. It has a rich culture with diversified people.
He was very much happy to associate with us after understanding the features of SIPSNITYA, back then it was not even named SIPSNITYA it was called Parental Alert Service System Daily (Passdaily). It was great confidence and fuel for our research and development team to realize the need of the rural educational system. When we started it was hardly 200 students, Raveendra sirs strong vision, continuous involvement, and values are ensuring consistent growth for the school, Currently 600 hundred plus students, even there are many students learn at school without any fees. At this point in time, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Raveendra sir for the confidence and trust you shown towards us. Association is really helping us to grow together.