SIPSNITYA – Platform Tools

Platform tools are the middle-wares between the SIPSNITYA cloud and SIPSNITYA Front End Application which can be used to customize the product , Giving a better opportunity to our customers and partners to unlock their creativity, ignite the talented programmer in them and get the best tailored solution to meet their requirements without depending too much on an invited expert. We will be providing sufficient guidelines, help files on how to do., along with proven back end support assistance.

For Eg: now let us see How have we simplified the ID CARD GENERATION with the help of this. All sipsnitya cloud portals are equipped well with all the sufficient data for getting the ID Cards generated, If you are ready with design templates, photos or logos, then with a little configuration & alignment will help in generating thousands of Identity cards in few minutes.

We use HTML CSS Codes to make this happen – sample codes along with a full fledged guide is available for the reference. You can include / exclude any fields depending on your requirement.
Here is the Demo of generating ID Card with SIPSNITYA – before we go on generation please ensure you are ready with

1) Latest Updated Students & Staff Information over SIPSNITYA Cloud
2) You have a ready Template image
3) You are clear on what and how you want the ID Card to be printed.

Login to your SIPSNITYA Cloud Portal, navigate to Academic Section and click on ID CARD GENERATE. Also a Link to the latest Guide will be available there – Please click on the same, explore, download the guide and keep it ready for reference.

There are few templates and sample codes available – to start with, you may use those codes and understand how the generation of ID Cards are happening. Also you have sample template image to download, Please down load both the images and codes. Then come back to SIPSNITYA Portal– click on generate new and select the type. Upload template image – Copy the codes in the respective sections and click on generate. Wait for few seconds screen will automatically move to the generated cards, review it and edit if any changes required…

Refer the Guide properly and modify the sample codes the way you want it.

So now the platform is equipped to assist you better get ready and do it yourself.