Communication Platform improvements

Brief about the recent enhancements of SIPSNITYA in terms of communications, we are very happy to acknowledge our service is helping many institutions across the country in serving their parents with timely communications. On a daily basis, we reach an average of 1 Lakh parents through various communication channels – mainly over Short Messaging Services and Voice messaging services.

While our institutions could experience better engagements with powerful daily communication our R&D team started aggressive developments to improve customer experiences. Which resulted in enhancing our communication channels. We use the Following Channels for Bulk Communications to get connected with parents on a daily basis. 1) Bulk Transactional SMS – Which is enhanced now with AI to ensure the 100% submission of SMS in a few seconds. 2) Bulk Voice Messages 3) Over SIPSNITYA Parent APP – as well over platform 4) And the recently introduced WhatsApp Business API All the channels except WhatsApp is well experienced by our customers – the enhancement of performance and efficiency of SMS can be experienced now from our portals. Let me talk today about the newly introduced feature. We serve Text and regional text messages along with pictures and documents through our WhatsApp channel. I am sure this is going to excite our stakeholders. We wish all our customers to make use of the same. The recent evolution of mobile technologies in our country ensured 75 to 80% of our parents become smarter with smartphones, very happy to acknowledge that an average parent becomes a very active user of WhatsApp and becomes very effective in multimedia communications. Our APP is proficient enough in addressing the need of smartphone user but we experienced less engagement. The response over WhatsApp is tremendously improved, so we thought why we can’t serve the parents in the channel in which they are mostly used – this made us collaborate with WhatsApp through their recently Launched Business Platform and redefine the communication channels. Let us see how WhatsApp channel can be effectively used 1) Sharing of Documents – Such as PDF, etc. many Lesson plans are now available over PDF documents more descriptively to assist the learning experience. 2) For Multimedia communications – Such as sharing of Event snaps, Communications over pictures, etc. 3) And many as imagined and crafted by the school management or educators Kindly don’t be resistive by thinking not all parents are not using smartphones, etc. you will be really surprised if you do a survey. Join us in uplifting the parents, improve the learning experience and bring the new generations more proficient.