Let us discover, how to set up visits & appointments over SIPSNITYA. This interface helps institutions to address all visits and meetings, especially with parents etc. more professionally, also handling visitors at the gate is also get automated with this feature of SIPSNITYA.

Login to SIPSNITYA with administrator user, explore to visits/meetings menu and let us first choose the available officials for the meeting, this can be any of the available staff in the staff master, Choose select, here we can choose or change their name etc. also provide more insights like Building/block name room no etc. for the visitor to identify it easily. The photo also can be added, also please provide brief profile information or visiting hours information etc. this will be available to the persons while they attempt to book an appointment. choose status as Available so that system permits appointments. when the official is away it can be set as not available so no appointments are permitted. with not available status. now we can set the notification preference by default the selected official will be notified additionally we can mention a coordinator so that no notification will go unnoticed. Setting the Visit purpose to choose easily during the appointment process. Appointments can be made from Parents APP for parents and at the security gate by the security professionals. when the security person login he will get only the appointment interface. click on add new for the new appointment, We can choose an existing available visitor or create a new visitor, with a mobile device capturing their photo is very easy with the app. provide adequate information such as official to meet meeting purpose, suggested schedule etc. upon saving the appointment the respective official and the coordinator get notified. over Push Notification, in-app notification by default, and over SMS & Email if it is configured. the respective official can verify and approve the meeting schedule. Upon the approval the PASS generation option will be available, if they request appoint from APP, PASS digital copy will be available over the APP, need not to take the print otherwise security can issue the pass to the visitor if required. after the meeting official will update the meeting details and make meeting/visit as completed. the system will give all traces and tracks of all records. Hope this guide help in implementing a professional visitor management system for your institution. for more information and assistance kindly get in touch with our support team thank you.