Let us explore how we can quickly set up a live session with all the students/parents/staff/teachers and management etc. It is a very useful and very effective way for reaching out and conveying the messages the key advantages are as follows. 1. Schedule the live session – all APP users immediately get notified over a push notification. 2. We can go Live streaming from the supported devices, in the coming videos we shall introduce studio apps to manage the live sessions. 3. We can also do a live stream of Online conferences/classes, training videos will be provided soon, 4. We can stream recorded and unlisted youtube videos. 5. We can stream any youtube channel lives or already published videos. 6. Will be able to obtain detailed insights on participation. 7. All the apps automatically get redirected to the live session when the live happens or within the schedule. 8. It can keep scheduled to ensure more people could view it. All in all a very effective platform to address the current concerns, Unlimited participants are permitted.