Institutional Deposit Accounts Management Simplified

In an educational institution, there are various types of deposits, like security or caution deposit, library, lab, if the institution has a hostel then canteen/stationary deposit, medical deposit, etc. this can’t be managed and merged with normal fees and accounting. This has to be managed separately and all payment receipts and issues have to be tracked. Further with smart APIs of SIPSNITYA Educational ERP, this can be integrated with any prepaid student card, integrate with campus shops, counters, etc. For more detail about such integrations kindly contact our service channels we shall assist you.

Today let us explore how this can be configured and managed over SIPSNITYA ERP, accounts module. We provide unlimited deposit types like Caution Deposit, Library, Lab, Medical, Canteen, etc. this can be enabled over Masters — Deposit Accounts over Account module.
Managing deposit accounts is over General accounting tab, navigate and spot deposit account, here we will get the list of all students we can search with register no or name, etc. in this same screen we can perform both receipt and payment actions. also, we could get the latest outstanding balance. while doing a transaction we can make the respective deposit head of accounts that are defined over the masters. We attempted to keep this process and interface simple and faster. all the transactions will appear here whether we have done directly here or over an API, The receipt format can be customized the way customers need over the PFT module of SIPSNITYA.
We also provided a bulk transaction interface for easy and effective bulk data entry and process. This is very helpful for recording a day’s whole data together etc. We can include many students and their respective deposit amounts separately, the system will help us in avoiding duplicate data entry, etc with proper error prompts. Once the data is completely entered we can close the transaction and keep it pending for verification etc. once we complete all the ledgers for the respective students will get automatically generated. All the transactions are monitored and recorded for future track and for audit and regulatory compliance.

With this interface, we can make many complex deposit accounts management simplified. Thank you for watching this video today and exploring the next very effective tool of SIPSNITYA, Join our journey of implementing the real sense of digitalization. Kindly subscribe to our channel for more updates.