Equipping to address the difficult situations

COIVD-19 making us explore new opportunities to move ahead with eLearning many schools are already started with online classes, Let us see how SIPSNITYA is simplifying the administrative tasks of managing staff and student attendance, Staffs has the option to check-in from their respective apps, with an additional option of geofencing this is helping schools to control the attendance marking based on location-specific. it means the check-ins can be controlled the way management defines it. Also the class attendance, nowadays hardly a few hour classes happen over online sessions, in the view to encourage the proper participation we can enable the hourly attendance and alert parents on the absence of student over the class. All these can be enabled and managed very easily with SIPSNITYA. we kept all the possible options and keep improving every day to assist the institutions to address the difficult situations without compromising any of their processes. I request you to check out other features like online payments over UPI, click to pay, Online class, offline class, online tests, assignment submission feature, etc. Please contact us for more information and assistance