Workshop on Platform Tools of SIPSNITYA

Platform tools of SIPSNITYA – leveraging the goodness of server-less computing and helping with the platform for meeting customization requirements more effectively, giving an opportunity to the partner technical resource pool to take part in SIPSNITYA customization development requirements.

Platform tools are now in its baby feet and on the beta release, need to get matured a lot Рthis workshop ignites the participant on the structure of platform tools. we use the following four well-known frameworks (PHP, JAVA, CSS, HTML) to do programming with platform-tools, currently, we use this to generate reports, this workshop focus on exam module. Generating customized mark cards the way school needs as well as creating analysis etc.

We are also coming out with SIPSNITYA Market place where your good creative designs & logic can be showcased and earn revenue out of it. This marketplace will be referred across all partner/channel networks and 1000 plus schools across the country.

We have limited the participation to the statewide selected partners only. Please get connected with your respecting account manager for the registration