A Message from the CEO’s Desk


From all of us at SIPSNITYA Team, I wish you a festive holiday season and a very happy New year. May 2019 be more prosperous for you and your families!

As we wrap up 2018 and step ahead bravely to another year – Lot of hopes and expectations. it’s a great opportunity to plan well so that we can be more efficient and effective.  Let’s plan well and make the best out. Enjoy !!!


2018 was a great year for us started with SIPSNITYA Version 2 release, Could hit google play store with handy APPS for parents, teachers, etc. Thanking all great academicians, educators, teachers, parents who encouraged us with great acceptance and feedbacks.



As our promise on upgrades, every fortnight ensuring SIPSNITYA Version 2 is in action with frequent improvements for the past 180 days, There are a lot of feature enhancements are already experienced, still, we need to go a long way in automating and ensuring better convenience and communication effectiveness. SIPSNITYA Cloud platform needs to scale up, a lot of AI (Artificial Intelligence) tools to be integrated and bundled. Our research team is already in action for Version 3, Probably in the second or third quarter of 2019, we can see SIPSNITYA Version 3 in action with a lot of enhancements and technology improvements. To ensure it add more convenience and affordability without compromising the soul.

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Few Picks from our Customer Testimonials.

fr.geo  sriniketana  vcpuc_mr. Jeevandas Principal 

Overall we are happy to serve in 6 Indian states, which is set ready to expand – our plans to expand to 10 -12 more states are in progress, we are moving ahead to ensure our vision to ensure by 2020 – we will be serving the complete country.

Let me thank you all for the continued support, Keep extending your best support we shall ensure we will do beyond our commitment on delivery as usual.

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Thank you and wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year