Introduced GPS Tracking for Institutional Transportation

GPS Integration with School Bus is not a New Topic  – It already exists very much in Market – But a seamless integration with a powerful Educational ERP used to be a challenge many times. Internet and smartphones are becoming very common and users are developed with their skills to manage such devices more efficiently. Fear to technology & its resistive adoption is becoming History, Our people are improved a lot.

SIPSNITYA is evolved with its transportation module with an aim to extract the best from what is already available with, More convenience, real-time updates with no additional investments. With SIPSNITYA conveyors are becoming more efficient – timely communicators, options to address the need of non-smartphone users as well

Key Highlights

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking by using the available Mobile devices.
  • It’s not Mandate to have a separate Mobile APP – Installation (Device-independent Browser-based WEB APP. Accurate when it used with GPS Enabled Mobile Devices)
  • Exclusive Conveyor Android APP – for the convenience and better accuracy.
  • Quick SMS Alerts. Reach all parents of the particular Route / Bus over a single click
  • Easy Monitoring – user-defined Location reporting – Will monitor only Active Trips, and the trips can be changed at any time.
  • No Restriction – Any Conveyor can be allocated with any route or any bus. Monitoring the trip than the bus. It breaks all the current challenges (In traditional system – the device is installed with Bus and parents have updates about Bus Location, if in case another Bus used then configuration changes are required)
  • Part of SIPSNITYA – Not separate Application / Module – Hence no worries about ERP integration.

Navigate the following Links and Learn on How to

  1. Tracking | Defining Masters
  2. Students/Staff/Route Allocation
  3. Conveyor Interface
  4. Conveyor Module (Web APP /Android APP)
  5. Trip Monitoring