Join the Next Leap With SIPSNITYA

Join the Next Leap With SIPSNITYA

Our Vision and commitment encourages us to do more for the educational community, ADMISSION PORTAL is evolved as an update it is available at no extra cost to our customers, Where schools can utilize this platform for improving their student enrollment process very efficiently, Notifications and alerts will surely ensure an effective communication channel, Automatons to assist the Registration, Shortlisting, Conducting Tests, Interviews, selections, and enrollments. School Management will get appropriate insights about the admission along with admission attempt traces, existing relation insight about student’s family with school, etc,  Parents and students will get benefited by getting appropriate notifications in time along with automated status inquiry system where they can obtain the real-time status information about their admission, etc.


1. PROSPECTING – Inquiry – Communication Management

2. APPLICATION & ADMISSION – Applicant Facing Portal / Web application ready to stream on any internet-enabled device.

3. SCHEDULE – Test & Interview Scheduling along with customize-able for notifications 

4. ONBOARDING – Easy Enrollment to Institutional Portal and further Academic management along with administrations.


Increased Productivity, Secure 24/7 Access, Easy for Students, Easy for Staffs, Quick insights & Reporting.Seamless integration  Institutional Module,   Modular & Role-based Architecture, Professional Outlook