Indian Education | Do Our Schools Really Concerned about Nature?

Approx. 10 Billion – A4 Sheets get consumed per year for the Projects & Assignments in Indian Schools, almost 60to 80% of its just happen to comply the curriculum, Almost 50 to 60% Parents and students prepare assignments with the help of Internet & computers either in their home or Cyber Cafes – Most of it get prepared well in a Document format (Commonly in MS Word, PowerPoint or PDF) – Then it goes for printing a well-prepared document will spoil 3 to four A4 pages in each assignment per child – such 12 to 15 acts happen per students / per academic year.

Are we really mad to do this in the digital era?

Yes acknowledge the absence of an effective online assignment submission system – which can be very effective even in rural schools- let us see if we can convert min. 30% of manual submission of assignments over digital – which surely save about 3 Billion A4 Sheets and Prints in a year – don’t you think it’s a huge saving, It’s not only saving just A4 Sheets, along with it saves the respective printing, efforts, time and money.

We request all our fellow schools to adopt the digital submission system and encourage the parents and students and join the responsibility of preserving the natural blessings.

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