Strictly no strings attached !!!!

Join our journey with a vision to minimize the concerns, and challenges, we are facing now a days in education system and fuel the efficiency improvement drive. We strongly believe, that the improvements can be made real, if we consistently engage, and encourage, the involvement of Teachers ,Parents, Management & Students – institutional community, in real time. our solution is packaged with complete modules, which an educational institution is required, as Resource Planning, For student on-boarding, administration, academic management, campus intelligence, student life-cycle management, Fees management, Collaboration and communication platform etc, also equipped with the important alerts via SMS, Automated Voice Calls & Emails. Its your portal almost all configurable the way you want by yourself…. Strictly no stings attached !!!!

We are attempting a new era for educational institutions to ensure their online presence more handsomely. SIPSNITYA packaging many online services for the educational institutions majorly As

  • an easy maintainable Institutional online presence (Website)
  • Handsome Educational ERP with necessary Analytical Tools
  • Powerful Bulk Alert System – Both SMS & VOICE
  • Online payments & M Receipts
  • Effective Parent communication channel– Portal available to the respective parent even in their regional Languages, Over SMS, VOICE CALL Even over Web-based Parent Portal along with English.
  • Customizable notification messages / Customizable portal contents – Need not to depend on any specialists for the same an average school teacher would be able to do.
  • Community-oriented delivery & enhancement channel – Online services will get enabled and implemented on the move
  • Software to the institution at no extra cost
  • handsome service enhancement channel by providing a minimum one update in a fortnight frequency.
  • Many more to continue the list – But these are the few points to ensure we stand against the competition, mainly the above services are available to the institution across 3 to 4 different products/ services – which we confidently break with SIPSNITYA – visibly a saving of approx. 60 to 80% Cost reduction on the implementation itself.