We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of the annual SIPSNITYA Innovation Showcase, coinciding with the release of SIPSNITYA Version 4. The visionary initiative was spearheaded by our esteemed CEO, Mr. C K Sreegith. Recognizing the untapped potential of artificial intelligence in educational solutions, Mr. Sreegith identified a gap in reaching tier 2, and below city, as well as rural schools. These institutions, often focused on delivering value education, were in need of affordable yet advanced technological tools.

SIPSNITYA Version 4, featuring Generative AI integration, garnered widespread acclaim from educators who embraced the innovative solution wholeheartedly. Motivated by this positive response, Mr. Sreegith envisioned an annual event to showcase similar AI-based educational solutions. Thus, the SIPSNITYA Innovation Showcase was born.

The inaugural event took place in the culturally rich city of Mysore, Karnataka, in December 2023. Not only was this a milestone for SIPSNITYA, but it also marked the first-ever educational AI event in Mysore. The showcase provided a platform for educators and stakeholders to explore cutting-edge technologies, fostering collaboration and driving the integration of AI into the education sector.

As we continue to advance, SIPSNITYA remains committed to bridging the gap and bringing transformative AI solutions to schools in tier 2 cities and rural areas. Our journey is one of innovation, accessibility, and a shared commitment to enhancing the educational landscape for students across diverse communities. Stay tuned for more updates and highlights from the SIPSNITYA Innovation Showcase as we embark on this exciting educational journey together.


16/12/2023 – Mysore, Venue – Hotel Pai Vista, Nazarbad, Mysore

20/01/2024 – Tumkur, Karnataka

06/02/2024 – Bhubaneswar, Odisha

10/02/2024 – Mangalore, Karnataka

17/02/2024 – Asansol, West Bengal

24/02/2024 – Santa/Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh