Generation of identity cards never simple before – used to depend on specialists to do it – managing of data without much errors used to be a challenge always – the entire process took almost months together – resulted the Identity card distribution happens after mid term. Break all those concepts with SIPSNITYA click on the below image to download the guide, refer the following templates and start designing identity cards like a professional.

sipsnitya_platform_id_cards sipsnitya_id_card_generation_guide

Example Template – Vertical Orientation – You can design it in any direction

Template Images can use any of the below – Right Click and save to your computer first then upload to generate

idbg1 idbg2

Sample Code for the Header Section – Please browse through Guide and change the data sources according to your need.


You can make use of Many Available data fields – please refer the guide for more information, You can use any template image also (please take care of its size and resolution) image is defined to get fixed automatically based on the data. Please be in touch with our Support team for more information.